We celebrated the lunar new year on February 12, 2002. We welcomed in the year of the HORSE.

The day before the lunar New Year, we cleaned our house from top to bottom to sweep away any traces of bad luck. We also hung special decorations on our doorways. We wrote "May you be blessed with peace and safety wherever you are" in Chinese characters on red paper. Red is considered an auspicious color. You will have also good luck if you wear something with the color red.

On New Year's eve, DJ and Madison went to their grandparents' house for a large family dinner. We ate special food like steamed dumplings, a whole fish for abundance, shrimp for happiness, and noodles for long life.

Maddie and DJ received hong bao (red money envelopes) from their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and parents. The hong bao are decorated with lucky symbols and Chinese characters like good fortune, properity, peace, and happiness. Maddie and DJ like this holiday because the children are encouraged to stay up as long as possible.


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