SEPTEMBER 12, 2002

DJ became 5 1/2 years old on Thursday, September 12, 2002. We decided to celebrate his half birthday this year. It was sunny and warm so we went to the Botantic Gardens with his maternal grandparents, Isshi and Anita.

Madison liked walking and running everywhere. DJ liked sitting on his mom's lap the best, enjoying the breeze by the lotus ponds.

Davis's family came over after dinner to see DJ. His paternal grandparents brought lots of clothes from China for the kids. They had just returned from a Yangtze river cruise to the three gorges. We admired their wonderful photos.

Auntie Mavis and cousin James also came to celebrate DJ's half birthday. Even Auntie Izumi stopped by to wish "Happy Birthday" to DJ. We presented him with a small birthday cake from the bakery.


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