Madison is generally very kind to DJ - she always pats his hand when she thinks he feels bad (has a seizure). She also wipes his nose with a tissue when it runs. She likes to put his lip balm on for him.

When DJ's nurse, Dot, comes to visit, Madison will imitate her. She wraps the stethoscope around her neck, takes the thermometer and sticks it under DJ's shirt. Then she holds up her wrist and looks at it very seriously. She nods her head and says "okay" when she is done.

DJ likes the sound of his sister's voice. He likes to listen to her babble and practice her words. He also loves to hear her sing along to the "Wheels on the Bus."

Madison tries to include DJ in her play. She take two Matchbox cars, keeping one for herself and putting the other one in his hand. She makes the noises for the two of them. She also likes to let DJ taste the imaginary spaghetti in her little pot by putting the wooden spoon to his lips. Then she tells him it's "yummy."

Madison loves to snuggle with her brother!


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