(4 years old)

DJ has always loved his window in the family room. We sit together in the afternoon and watch the seasons pass by. When he was younger, he was fascinated by birds and butterflies in the summer. He delighted in the autumn leaves and winter snow. Although his eyesight is limited today, DJ still loves to spend the afternoon by the window, feeling the sunlight on his face. He often smiles at this time.

DJ also likes . . .

To taste chocolate and fruit;

To smell clean laundry;

To feel different textures;

To read books;

To listen to music;

To receive massages;

To float in the bathtub;

To hear his dad play guitar;

To be kissed by his mom.

DJ LOVES one-on-one conversations!
DJ loves to cuddle with Grandma. Here, we captured one of his rare laughs.


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